What need to be cover on PowerPoint.

What need to be cover on PowerPoint.

Need a PowerPoint 12 pages on the following nursing theory Peaceful end of life by Cornelia Ruland and Shirley Moore. APA format with reference.

All references must be with in the last 5 years and different sources most be used. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR EXAMPLE OF WHAT IT IS SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE.


What need to be cover on PowerPoint.


Covers primary elements of theory
Contains definitions of person, environment, health, and nursing
Discusses how the theory is used in nursing practice
Accurate and current information
Includes diagram or graphic of theory
Shows evidence of critical thinking


Well organized with introduction, body, & conclusion
Good transitions
Introduction includes attention-getter
Logical progression and connections
Conclusion includes summary and closure


Clear, precise and appropriate word usage

Articulate and expressive
Level appropriate for audience
Maintains audience interest/responds to cues from listeners
Free of distracting mannerisms
Avoids reading from notes or over-reliance on written material


Reference List

Uses a variety of appropriate references

Books, journals, websites, etc.
Correct APA format


Graphic Representation

Includes principle elements

of the theory

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