What are the trifles in Glaspell’s Trifles?


The Norton Introduction to Literature: 

Glaspell, Trifles, p. 1155

“Sample Writing: Reading Notes,” and “Writing about Drama,” pp. 1168-1172

Discussion 11

What are the trifles in Glaspell’sTrifles? How do they affect our understanding of what happened? Should the women have told the men about the evidence they found? Would the men have understood why Minnie Wright did what we think she did?

Create a “thesis statement” that you could use to support your perspective. Use evidence from the play to support claims and key points.

Discussion 12

What are the techniques that should be used in revising a paper? What revision techniques do you plan on using in Essay 3? Be specific so you help your classmates see possible techniques and so you develop your own process that is effective in improving your writing. We want to know what you will try for this essay and what has been effective in your past revisions.

Discussion 13: Writer’s Workshop

This is the third Writer’s Workshop. Submit a draft of Essay 3 by Wednesday night, and provide feedback on at least two of your peers’ postings by Sunday night.

Essay 3

This essay is a revision of Essay 2, with a required worksheet. Look at all the parts of your Essay 2-introduction, key points, examples from the text, secondary source material, and your conclusion. How can you revise, or “re-see,” the second essay to make it even better than it was? Your grade on this will be based on the revision and on your analysis of your revision process. See the Content area for details. 


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