What are some of the ways in which drinking alcohol lead to criminal behavior?

Alcohol Week 5 Peer Responses

Please respond to the 2 peers with 100 words for each response. Please use 1 reference and cite using APA for each response.

Peer 1: SA

Crimes associated with drinking are driving under the influence and
sexual assault. An estimated 37 percent of sexual assaults and rapes are
committed by offenders who were under the influence of alcohol. For
perpetrators, drinking may intensify their aggressive behavior. This can
make them become more forceful when someone tries to resist them.
Another crime is robbery. Alcohol can intensify a robber’s feelings of
desperation and cause them to steal someone’s money or property. While
some robbers desire a better lifestyle or want to make a quick buck,
others can turn into repeat offender. Also, aggravated assault which is
when individuals turn violent after an episode of heavy drinking. Poor
decisions and impaired judgment, combined with aggression and hostility,
can quickly become dangerous. Alcoholism in the workplace can be
extremely costly to an employer. Drinking not only increases the
possibility of employees getting injured, it can also lead to more
on-the-job accidents. Additionally, alcohol can cause a lack of
concentration and coordination in an employee’s work performance. This
reduces productivity, which in turn impacts business goals and
objectives. On intimate partner violence an estimated two-thirds of
victims suffering from violence by a current or former spouse or partner
report that the perpetrator had been drinking, compared to less than
one-third of stranger victimizations. Having a partner who is a heavy
drinker can cause significant hardships, including financial
difficulties, child care problems, infidelity, as well as other
challenges (Alcohol Rehab Guide, 2019). I learned from this week how
alcohol bring out peoples aggressive and violent behaviors. I have see
this in my friends even but not on such an intense level. When they
drink their true feelings and who they are come out. I just never
thought about it on a larger scale, but people who already have those
thoughts the alcohol brings it out in them.

Alcohol Rehab Guide. (2019). Alcohol-Related Crimes. Retrieved from https://www.alcoholrehabguide.org/alcohol/crimes/

Peer 2: MA

What are some of the ways in which drinking alcohol lead to criminal behavior?

Alcohol has a bad influence on human behavior because under the
influence of alcohol some actions cannot be controlled due to the fact
that the alcohol has already got the entire body of the person. That is
why, there are rules that said one should not be driving, or doing
important things under the alcohol influence. Alcohol for those who are
really dependent can make them act somehow such as criminal offenses,
domestic violence, aggressive behavior and so on.

What are some specific types of crime that are associated with drinking and alcohol dependency?

Here we have a lot like homicide, child abuse, sexual violence,
aggravated assault, robberies in any form. All these are done when an
individual is under alcohol dependency. Is true that some people can do
those things without being alcohol dependent but, for those who are they
are capable to do those easily because their actions are controlled by

What are some of the explanations of alcohol use affect work productivity?

Usually, alcohol can decrease the amount of concentration and this
can cause accident in the work site and even less revenues for the
company. Moreover, While working, alcohol reduces employees performances
and decrease productivity and if nothing is done, this can lead to job
lost and even sanctions.

What are some of the explanations of the impact of alcohol on intimate partner violence?

Under the influence of alcohol, the partner can be violent and
aggressive which means there is no chance to have a calm and safe
intimate interaction. That is reason why, some people who have being
victim of this kind of situation can become emotionally, physically,
psychologically and even socially affected.

What did you learn from the readings for this week and this discussion forum?

From the readings and the discussion forum, I learn that alcohol is
not something to be around especially for those who have self control
issue. Is better to stay away from it. I believe that alcohol is not
advisable for any reason because once taking it for whatsoever reason,
one can become addicted. Plus, the more you drink, deep you get into it
and at a certain point dependency has already taken over.


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