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Understanding Maslow’s Need Theory.

Select five (5) ads, one for each stage in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Identify which of the motivational needs the advertiser is appealing to when they created the advertisement. (Make sure to attach a copy of the ad you are analyzing.)

A. Physiological (Basic physical needs: food, water, shelter)

B. Safety/Security (How we protect what is important.)

C. Social (Perhaps the easiest category)

D. Esteem (Providing the opportunity to feel good about ourselves)

F. Self-Actualization (Making the world a better place)

Be sure to read this section of your text. It will help you in identifying the five stages. Make sure that you provide a two paragraph analysis (this will allow for adequate detail in your response) of why the ad you selected reflects the particular need identified in Maslow’s Hierarchy.

2. Find print ads that illustrate the following categories: family influence, social class and a specific subculture. Then describe the component of the ad that stressed that specific influence. Make sure to include the ad and remember I can see the ad, I don’t need you to describe it. I want to know what made it fall into that particular category. An easy way to answer these questions is to define the term and indicate why the ads fall into that category. Be sure to include at least one or two well written paragraphs to justify your response. Remember I am looking for “print” ads not You Tube links.

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