Theoretical Reflection

Theoretical Reflection

Length: 375 words
[Theoretical Reflection] Write a brief critical response to a concept, theory or framework in intercultural communication or intercultural pragmatics (linguistics). Being ‘critical’ does not mean you have to criticize: it only means you have to reflect in an informed way on strengths & weaknesses, possible extensions or improvements, better alternatives, latest research findings, etc. One good way to approach this task is to search for a research article in a relevant journal (see the separate Reading List for suggestions) and
critically comment on the article (e.g. whether you agree with the findings and why; what implications or applications the findings might have for intercultural communication).

You may be relatively informal in your writing, but please use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, and, importantly, use terms, concepts & theories from the course, and keep your focus
on intercultural communication

: Do not just tell stories—what you write should not be purely descriptive or narrative. When writing for any university subject, you have to ask yourself: “What am I offering that is more valuable than a casual conversation? Am I going beyond a mere description or regurgitation of what someone else has said? What is the added value that I am bringing?”. Link what you write to theories, issues, & concepts taught, and be critical (think from all angles) and reflective (what is YOUR perspective/educated opinion, based on what you have read & researched?). Some aspects of this subject may seem quite “commonsensical”, but you should be writing in an informed &
academic way, by referring to facts & figures and published research rather than just “talking from the heart”. Demonstrate that you can think critically and are aware of the complexity of issues.

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