SWOSU CH12 What Are the Logical Patterns of For Outlining a Speech Essay

Read the chapter Outlining (Links to an external site.)
Answer the following questions (remember, you answers must reflect the information in the reading):

Why should a speech be outlined?
What are the logical patterns of for outlining a speech? (4)
Why should you create a short phrase outline to use when you present your speech?
Identify and briefly explain each of the three types of outlines.
Identify and briefly explain the five basis principles of outline creation.
Read the following and answer the two questions about the paragraph: George needs to turn in an outline for the speech he is assigned to deliver. The speech itself is two weeks away, but the outline is due today. George has already written the entire speech, and he does not see why he should spend time deleting parts of it to transform it into an outline. He knows exactly what he’s going to say when he gives the speech. Then he discovers that the word-processing program in his computer can create an outline version of a document. Aha! Technology to the rescue! George happily turns in the computer-generated outline, feeling confident that never again will he have to hassle with writing an outline himself.

Do you think George’s use of a computer-generated outline fulfills the purpose of creating an outline for a speech? Why or why not?
Do you think George’s professor will be able to tell that the outline was created by a word-processing program?

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