Role of graduate education in achieving your goals.

ubmit a scholarly essay summarizing your motivation for entering our Master’s degree program. Your essay must be typed and limited to three pages. Address the following:
Statement of your personal and professional goals after graduation.Role of graduate education in achieving your goals.Personal and professional strengths.Professional areas identified as needing development.Personal perceptions of graduate education.
I have 12 years emergency department nursing experience. I am highly organized and I thrive in high stress environments. I am driven to be an excellent patient care provider. I plan well and always meet deadlines. I feel like I could develop more with the pediatric community. I also have always worked in a fast paced hospital environment. I see myself as needing development to the clinic environment. I This can be one to two pages.

 need help improving an essay that will be counted as a final for a class that I am in. The essay is 6 pages in length, and is written in APA format. I will upload the essay once tutor is found.

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