rite 8 pages thesis on the topic comparing and contrasting iis and apache web servers.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic comparing and contrasting iis and apache web servers. Playing an important role in the development of the Web, Apache HTTP Server was originally established using core UNIX server code and released properly in April 2002. Developed by the not for profit Apache Foundation, it is freely available to the public as open-source software who in collaboration with the developer is free to change and improve the program. The latest release for this program was in September 2007, version 2.2.6. Microsoft’s Internet Information Services, however, is proprietary and based on a collection of services to other web servers. The current version for this server is 7.0. In terms of cost, it is bundled with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
The execution environment of both these servers differ. Primarily, in the Apache server, the core functionality of the system can be separated from the system that actually supports and processes requests. Relatively, IIS functioned as a Windows add-on and is now included with Windows Longhorn Server. Similarly in the use of an Intranet, IIS allows for user privileges to run upon each request. This integration bodes well for application server usage especially when drilled down to the database layer. However, in Apache, this perspective is not present as it only creates files under different intranet users
The dynamic components in relation to the servers’ environment have similarities. Both use Active Server Pages (ASP) for development which allows embedding in HTML pages. ASP which is widely deployed and supported has good development tools. It also is a fast and reliable solution for accessing databases. This in turn provides both systems to work with a range of languages such as Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, and C/C++.

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