Resolving Large- and Small Scale Systems..

Research the application of systems theory to the resolution of both large- and small-scale systems problems. In particular, research methodologies used in systems design such as breakthrough thinking and the solution-after-next-principle (SAN). Also research methodologies used in systems analysis such as problem analysis, generation of alternative solutions, evaluation of the alternative, and selection of the optimal alternative.

You must use at least two scholarly sources for this paper.

Google Scholar can be used as a source.

Accurately cite information from the sources in your paper in accordance with APA citation and referencing guidelines.

Note that you may not use information or articles from non-scholarly sources such as Wikipedia. Assignments that have citations or references from Wikipedia will be returned without grading.

Write a 750 to 1,000 word paper that:

Define large-scale and small-scale problems as experienced in information systems

Defines systems design methodologies used in large-scale problems

Defines systems analysis methodologies used in large-scale problems

Describes the similarities and differences between applying systems analysis and systems design methodologies to large-scale problems and small-scale problems.

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