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Week 6 Writing Assignment

This week you are going to research four types of preschools:

1.       Montessori

2.       Waldorf

3.       Reggio Emilia

4.       High Scope

For each preschool type I want you to write about the history, mission, theory/ideas/vision, materials children use, environment, and teacher qualifications.  You may include anything else you find interesting.  Be prepared to present your findings to the class.

To receive full credit, assignment must be doubled spaced, 12 point font,  4 (1 page per school ) pages, and turned in by due date. Proper grammar and English must be used.  Please have someone proof read your paper in order to catch errors.


Read and Browse in depth.. this link as important information from what we are told..( I dont see it )


PDF # 1 is what we need to use for our  homework assignement on this.. PDF is something I found preparing for my research hypothesis on School readiness, it may assist with outside the box thinking of how these schools apply there history, mission, theories and idea as well as materials to the everlasting question, of what is school readiness and how it applies to  Corproate Kinder-Culture and the socioeconomic percentages of KRT scores, the PAT association, the NYSEC testing, and the benefits of sometype of Pre KinderGartner educational program before the kindergartner expirence begins. ( IE headstart)

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