Program Implementation and Adaptation

Describe and mention how you will adapt this lesson to class of 21 children? Of the twenty-one students, eighteen are of Level I development, one is at Level II, one student is visually impaired and one student is overweight. Inclement weather has forced you to remain inside where your only option is to share the multipurpose room at your school with another class.

Discuss changes in skill progression, equipment use organization, safety precautions, etc. that you will make in order to have a success with this lesson.


Activity: Level I â?” (Hokey Pokey (American) Skill: Body identification, nonlocomotor movements
Formation: Single circle, facing center
Direction: During the first four lines, the children act out the words. During line 5 and 6, they hold their hands overhead with palms forward and do a kind of hula while turning around in place. During line 7, they stand in place and clap their hands three times.
The basic verse is repeated by substituting, successively, the left foot, right arm, left arm, right elbow, left elbow, head, right hip, left hip, whole shelf, and backside.
Level I: Least difficult; foundation for more complex skills; much concentration required to perform skills.
Level II : More difficult; skills are performed more consistently; less concentration required. Developmental Level II activities focus clearly on folk dance. Locomotors skills are still the basis of the movement patterns; but in most dances, the patterns are more difficult than those in Developmental Level I.

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