Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin


Pick one artist and three sources(actual books,catalogues,journal articles) discussing the artist. At least one of the sources has to be a catalogue whose focus is exclusively Gauguin. Once you have the sources pick one single work of at that is discussed by all three sources. Describe the work in purely formal terms. Compare and evaluate the different critical interpretations of the work. What is your response to the work?…etc. PICTURE ATTACHED OF THE DETAILED ASSIGNMENT


The sources have to be academic and cannot be online sources only. One of them has to be a catalogue of the artist’s work, which can be a museum exhibition. Museum of Modern Art in New York has a Gauguin exhibit and I think that could be one of the sources. While the assignment does specify artist I chose Gauguin and want to concentrate on his Tahitian art. Also talk about the theme of how he was searching for a culture unspoiled by European mores and hows that parallels to his eagerness to work with unfamiliar techniques in order to create an entirely new type of artwork. I have not selected a specific work of art.
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