Nutrition class

Nutrition class
LP3 Assignment: 3 Day Food Record InstructionsThis essay is designed to help you evaluate your eating habits by using the Food Guide Pyramid by using the website. You will keep track of the food you eat for three days and write a one to two page report on the questions below.
Keep track of the food you eat each day for three days.Log onto www.choosemyplate.govClick on the “Interactive Tools” on the left hand side of the web page, then click on “Daily Food Plan.”Enter your age, sex, height, and physical activity level then click the submit button. Depending on your results, you will either be given your “Daily Food Plan” or you will see options to select the Food Plan for “your current weight,” or “to move to a healthier weight.” Once you reach the “Daily Food Plan,” print this screen.To the bottom right of the screen you will see three “View, Print, and Learn More” options. Click on the second option entitled “Meal Tracking Worksheet.” You will need to print three of these sheets, one for each day you track your food consumption.Follow the directions on the sheets and fill each one out completely including the questions at the bottom. In the case of “combination foods” like pizza do your best to divide it into the appropriate column and row categories.Now compare your Meal Tracking Worksheets with your personalized Daily Food Plan. Write a one to two page report responding to the following questions:1.How did your actual diet compare to the recommended servings for each group?2.What groups were you low or high in?3.What changes could you make to increase your servings in a group you were low in?My age is 41 / My Sex is Male/ My Height 5/9


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