Miami Regional University Autism Spectrum Research Presentation

Choose a scholarly peer reviewed dissertation/thesis from Miami Regional College database and evaluate each part of it. Remember, this time you are evaluating its abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. Make a PowerPoint presentation. Be creative! Include pictures, videos(Max 60 sec). Do not read, be interactive and explain to the audience.
Finalize Group Presentation:
-Presentation: 20 minutes in length/group
– Must incorporate literature reviews, research and statistical data, and visual aids. Handouts with speakers’ notes must be provided to class;
– No reading from slides
– Minimum 4 minutes/presenter
Problem statement ,
Data that supports problem ,
Impact on patient outcome and healthcare delivery,
Resolution with supporting evidence ,
Implications for practice and research Minimum 5 references published within 5 years
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