Lebanese Civil War and relevant issues today in Middle East

Lebanese Civil War and relevant issues today in Middle East

The paper is for my “Intro to Middle East” class.
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Here’s the instruction/questions from my professor.
Also, I will upload another file (hand-out from a professor).
Please write a paper, answering all the questions based on the hand-out.
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In what ways can you see consequences of the 1967 War reflected or played out in the 15-year-long Lebanese Civil War, and why are they important today? How do these events help explain, in part, some of the past and present crises in the Middle East? Do the events of the past 60 years or so help explain who our allies are today and who we perceive as our enemies? Do they help explain the current strategic configuration of Middle Eastern countries in the 21st century?

Note: Sometimes the connections are subtle and indirect rather than obvious and easy to figure out. For example, the Iranian Revolution did not directly cause the rise of Hizbullah. There is nevertheless a connection between the Islamic Revolution in Shi’a Iran and the increasingly confident and capable Shi’a Muslim community in Lebanon. Look closely at events and ask yourself if there could be a connection or a similarity between one crisis or event and another. Not everything will be connected, of course. Some events may be surprisingly related in minor or even major ways. Writing this essay will require a good understanding of Lebanon’s Confessional/Sectarian government as well as the on-going Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It will also hint at problems underneath the surface calm in Syria and Iraq, and in the histories of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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