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Kathleen Edward (2010)
Kathleen Edward of Trenton, Michigan, was a 7-year-old girl dying of Huntington’s disease. As she battled her disease, she was subjected to cyber-bullying by her 33-year-old neighbor, Jennifer Petkov. Petkov used her Facebook page to post hateful messages, such as “I can’t wait until you die,” and ghoulish art of Kathleen, including Kathleen’s face under skull and crossbones. Petkov also posted a doctored picture of Kathleen’s mother, who had died a year earlier of Huntington’s disease, being held by the Grim Reaper. Eventually a restraining order was placed against Petkov.

This is the one I choose that Facebook is accountable for their actions because they should have banded her from Facebook and denied her to have an account with their company. Facebook should be about friends and people who you find to talk to. Not talk about a 7 year old girl and you are 33 years what makes that alright with society. Katherine should have been place in behavior institution because that way she would not be around computer to hurt feelings like those. Facebook should have a policy that states if you are going to bully someone you are band from the site. They do say that if you have one or more account then you need to close one of them. She should especially needs to respect people feelings and on what they say to other people.  The founder should get the fine for letting the person continuing on with the talking about a person who has a disease that cannot be curable. So the crimes should be cyberbullying which would be a felony and prevent damages harassment is another crime.


Taylor, R. F. (2016). Digital Crime & Digital Terrorisms. United States: Pearson.

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