Intellectual property law in China

Intellectual property law in China

Research paper topic: Intellectual property law in China

What is the business activity that you are attempting to analyze ? How do you intend to using these laws? Which publication you are writing for? ( Be careful that need to analyze how business activity is addressed in this area of law (it can be a company case study, a specific industry ect), not the economic activity. ((file 1,2,4 are the past good research papers which are given by our lecturer, so i hope the writing style can similar to one of those)). The ‘good material’ file contains very good and useful information for Intellectual property law, especially from page 65- 76. i foud it online.
Picture is allowed
Footnote is not allowed , just do reference!


Assessment Criteria l
1. choose a publication and use the writing style of the publication
2. Analyse within the business and legal context of the topic
3. Evaluate the area of law within the business context
4. Apply the knowledge gained from the semester in the analysis.
5. Demonstrate effective research in the final paper.
6. Demonstrate the ability to communicate a cohesive argument in the paper.
7. Justify arguments with evidence of research.

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