i want to reply to those two discussion read articles that posted and respond with what you learned to at least one 1 – Nursing Essays Help

I want to reply to those two Discussion

Read articles that posted and respond with what you learned to at least one.

within two paragraphs

First one

https://www.forbes.com/sites/estherchoy/2020/02/09/why-is-leadership-storytelling-so-powerful/?ss=leadership-strategy#e68bd3c2e466 (Links to an external site.)

Views and Opinions

My first experience with storytelling leadership inspired my desire to enter healthcare leadership. A previous organization I had worked for was under leadership of a CEO who tested our boundaries and demanded excellence from our organization. I remember a few colleagues grumbling about the new performance matrix and the accompanying quarterly goals. We hadn’t had an opportunity to meet the new CEO by the time the new business plans were rolled out but remember most thinking they were not going to like this new structure. But then the CEO held a townhall, and all our viewpoints changed.

She told a story of her childhood and discussed how her family demanded excellence, even from a young age. She discussed her childhood struggle and challenges associated with meeting these demands and how that transpired to success in her career and personal life. She interwove the values and foundation of our organization into the values and foundation of her life. By the end of the townhall, there did not seem to be an unmoved person in the room, more importantly, an unmotivated person in the room. What she did was to bring us out of viewing her as an unrelatable CEO and brought us into her journey by creating an environment that encouraged us to expect excellence for our mission.

I cannot agree enough with Choy or our text authors reflection on storytelling leadership. Since that townhall, I have changed the way I view leadership and leaders. As a nurse, stories are a constant part of our care. We hear stories from our patient’s day in and day out. Even in times of stress, it is easy to remember why I do what I do. Connecting and building a relationship has helped me succeed in nursing and I hope that I can utilize these skills laid out by Choy as I continue in my leadership endeavors.

2nd one

Article Link: https://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgers/story/2020-02-17/dodgers-justin-turner-criticizes-rob-manfred-demeaning-world-series (Links to an external site.)

Views and Opinions

Dodgers’ Justin Turner criticizes Rob Manfred for demeaning World Series

This article is about Justin Turner, a baseball player on the Los Angeles Dodgers openly criticizing the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, over how he handled the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal that took place during the 2017 World Series. As commissioner, Rob Manfred is the overall “leader” of Major League Baseball and obviously not all players will always be in agreement with his decisions, but for a player to be this open in criticizing him, it’s a big deal. The Houston Astros were caught stealing the signs that catchers give pitchers and alerting their team as to which pitch was coming, making it easier to hit. The Astros then went on to win the World Series, highlighting the scandal every more. One of the jobs of the commissioner is to hand out punishments when people break the rules and Manfred decided to offer the players associated with the sign stealing on the Astros complete immunity from punishment for information about the overall scandal. This decision caused players around the league to react negatively and led Justin Turner to say that Manfred “set a weak precedent” when dealing with a situation of this magnitude. Manfred had the tough job of getting to the bottom of the whole ordeal and ultimately, the sports world is pretty split on the decision not the punish the players but the entire team instead. The team was fined 5 million dollars, lost 4 future draft picks, and the General Manager and Head Coach were suspended for a year. Ultimately, I don’t think Manfred should have stripped the Astros of their World Series title but, I do think the punishment was a little bit on the lighter side. Any time a leader makes a tough decision, there obviously will not be unanimous happiness but I think doing the right thing needs to be at the forefront of every big decision. Leaders would not be in the position they are in without having to make a couple tough decisions and any leader at the top of an organization probably has had their fair share of being criticized. I do believe Manfred was acting with the best interest of the MLB in mind and it will be interesting to see how he handles the players who are actively tearing apart his decisions.


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