Human Physiology

Author: Gail Jamison Date Evaluated: 09/30/2014 07:44:19 PM (MDT) DRF template: GVT1 Human Physiology (V1 UNDERGRAD-0510) Program: GVT1 Human Physiology (V1 UNDERGRAD-0610)-PA

Evaluation Method: Using Rubric Display:

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Evaluation Summary for Human Physiology: GVT Task 2 Final Score: Does not Meet Overall comments: 09/30/2014 Please consult a mentor before working further on this task. All parts of sections A and D of the task are completed . The response appears to provide additions related to the anatomy and physiology task. Please review the attachment and provide information that is related to the digestive lab part of the task which is sections B and C of the task.

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