Guiltiness for Database project

Case Description our Company called Bella Vita provides architectural design. The Manager decided to store and maintains his business data using Microsoft Access database. And you will help him to do so … Here below you will find the data requirement for Individual database submission : ? the company contains departments each department has unique name, a unique number, and a unique person who will manage this department. each department has one location/address . ? Each department controls a number of projects, each project has a unique name, a unique number, and a single location. ? This company has many employees we need to store information such as , employee ID, full name, date of birth, address, salary and sex. each employee should be assigned to one department and can be assigned to many projects …. Now you have this info. Try to work on them and build the ER diagram, schema, and database access. After that try to fill the tables with data then submit the workGuidelines and Mark Distribution Read the following description about database scenario then do the following:
1. Prepare an ER diagram showing entities, attributes, relationships (with cardinality) (5 Marks) 2. Draw the database schema (5 Marks) 3. Build the database on access according the design, create tables, create relationships enforcing referential integrity (cascade update and cascade delete) (5 Marks) 4. Make 5 different Queries of useful report to be used by the managers (5 marks )
B. Guidelines for Group WORK You need to select any company and generate the case description along with all other parts according to the following table
Information Requirement report
1-2 pages
Entity Relationship Diagram
Access File with tables filled with data, with correct referential integrity lines
Three different Queries

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