GLG 101 Week 8 DQs

This work of GLG 101 Week 8 Discussion Questions shows the Solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Geologic activities, like volcanic activity, play a huge role in developing a number of our precious assets, for example traditional fuel, lead, copper, as well as gold. For instance, fig. 15.21 on p. 476 of the textbook displays the role of basaltic magma in creating probably the most precious ores to our civilization, chromium. Pick an essential ore mined where you live or area, and discuss how geologic activities played a role in creating this ore.Discuss the significance of this ore in the economy of your chosen area and the U.S. in general.DQ 2: Discuss a nonrenewable source which you consider will have the most important effect to our lives when it is exhausted. Describe your option. Are there existing endeavors to conserve it? Provide an instance of a person, place, or thing which uses a renewable resource.

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