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You have been asked to form a gender equity group on your campus that will review the current policies in place and examine current conditions in intercollegiate athletics. In your first meeting, you need to present and teach the key components of Title IX to your committee. Design a PowerPoint Slides presentation to be used for this purpose, including the following components:
•The committee needs to understand what Title IX is.
•Clarify how a campus can meet gender equity requirements.
•Lead a working session in which the group develops some guidelines that can be used in reviewing complaints that could come to you and the committee.

In your PowerPoint Slides presentation, please be sure to:
•Include 12-15 PowerPoint Slides, not including the title slide and at least one slide at the end of the presentation containing APA formatted resources used.
•Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics.
•Provide speaker notes of 150-200 words for each slide (You may use brief paragraphs or bulleted lists.)
•Provide citations for quotations and paraphrases on slides in APA format and style.
•Reference at least four relevant scholarly resources.

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