Fun with Fruits & Veggies

I want you to make paraphrase for 8 pages and aID more information, and aID description for budget under the chart • Use the guide below as an outline when organizing your individual paper: I. Title* II. Justification for Program*: the problem you are aIDressing, the need for your program based on an existing needs assessment, your own assessment done of the community in which the project will take place and/or what the literature supports. This is a statement of the type, size, and scope of this nutrition/health problem in your community.
V. Details of Your Community*: Where do they live? What are their approximate ages? VI. Program Plan*: • Statement of goal • List of objectives – specific program/project objectives in measurable terms (what the program will attempt to accomplish) • Design of the program – theoretical framework on which the program design is based, specifics about what the program entails such as the type of environment where the intervention will occur (i.e. school, senior center), the type of educational materials/tools that will be used, the # of weeks of your intervention, the # of hours, how participants/clients will be recruited, who’s eligible to participate, who will implement the intervention, etc. • Use basic steps of program planning discussed in class and through assigned readings
VII. Management System*: personnel and organizational structure to support intervention VIII. Budget*: estimate costs of salaries and materials IX. Marketing Strategies*: how you will ensure success of your program X. Evaluation*: what evaluation method will you use to determine that your program has met participants/clients’ needs? How will you know that you met your goal and objectives.
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