Franchise Report for 4 pages doubled-spaced in 12 font APA style

Students must identify a franchise.Students must evaluate the attractiveness of the franchise for an identified location (give the specific street address and geographic location).
Topic: Bosten Pizza
Address: 1858 Granville Street, Halifax, NS, B3J 0A2
Other location if you want to choose please remind me.
The evaluation should include:

Review of years in business, management team, growth rates, sales history, royalty structure
Brief presentation of the company’s marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion, Place)
SWOT of the franchise
A recommendation if you would (or would not) open the franchise in a location you would like to consider if buying this franchise.

The report should be 4 pages doubled-spaced and in 12 font. APA style for some reference you use.
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