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Assignment 2For this assignment you will locate two (2) articles in a newspaper, journal, etc, that raises ethical issues in criminal justice.  These issues may involve policy, such as three strikes or waiver of youth to adult court, or issues that have ethical content, such as racial profiling, police and judicial misbehavior, the processing of criminal offenders, corporate crime and so on. DUE Thursday 9PM. THIS ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO BE 2-3 PAGES NOT COUNTING TITLE, ABSTRACT AND REFERENCEYou are to complete the following questions:Copy and summarize the articlesCopying the article means you copy and paste the article out of the newspaper or source you have chosen.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT HTTP:WWW…  Then you summarize the article in two paragraphs.Identify and discuss the major ethical themes in the articles.You are to use insight here.  What makes this an ethical issue?  Does the ethical issue involve behavior of an individual, a group such as police officers or correctional workers?  Or does the ethical issue involve a police, court, or correctional practices, such as abuse and criminal or otherwise questionable behavior?  Finally, does this article present a theme associated with a policy in criminal justice, such as use of DNA, capital punishment, Megan’s law, or some other policy that you can identify as wrong or unfair in some respect.What role has the media played?Does the written work skew reality?If you had the power to make recommendations, what would you propose?Textbook: Close, D. & Meier, N. (2003). Morality in criminal justice: An introduction to ethics. Belmont, CA. Wadsworth Publishing

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