Ethics business discussion IV

You have been asked to join the Board of a large corporation.  What are some of the first questions that you should ask, what are the answers that you are seeking?response to the above needs to be 250reply to below with 250 wordsBefore I would even consider joining the Board of a large, I would research the corporation to understand the history, mission statement, and infrastructure.Is this a voluntary or paid position and how often does the Board meet?How fiscally strong is the organization, including current assets and previous five years’ profits and losses.What are the qualifications/experience of the other Board members?What is the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program?What was the basis for the organization’s mission statement and core values?How often do they assess employee engagement?What is the current process or structure to mitigate legal issues?What is the organization’s policy on environmental responsibility?These questions provide insight into not only the financial aspect, but also ensure that I understand the overall perspective on the value of the employees. I want to gather experience on fellow Board members to understand their perspectiveswhen we meet and discuss or vote on issues.I want to know not only is the organization currently,but historically fiscally sound. I also think it’s important that Board members effectively balance their fiscal responsibility with their responsibility to the community and their employees.I would ask for examples from their CSR program and employee engagement results and changes that have been made as a result.This gives me insight to changes that leadership is willing to make to demonstrate priority of employees’ well-being, job satisfaction, and involvement.I also want to ensure the organization is prepared for any legal issues, current or that may arise, to protect the assets and employees jobs.I think the organization’s environmental responsibility policies or procedures is a strong indicator of forward thinking and should support the CSR program.

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