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750 word for each question– with apa sources for each

for part one.. it is for a proposed paper which there is no set topic.. i have ideas listed.. however in a month i will have a paper i will assign to you.. and it will be on the said topic unless there is another topic with a lot more sources.. so for now question one is for a made up paper…

1. Describe the type of research questions you will address with a research project – what kind of problem or issue might you be interested in studying and why? Some ideas: police arrest patterns (what influences the decision to arrest), police culture and how it influences police behavior, judicial discretion (what factors affect judicial decisionmaking): what factors matter most for judicial decision-making; airport security screening (what factors influence the decision for a full body search?);prosecutorial discretion and the decision to seek the death penalty; the impact of teen/youth courts in juvenile justice.
2. What do the terms “operationalization” and “measurement” mean? Pick one variable from one of the two research articles (3 attached) and discuss how it was measured by the researchers. Did they do a good job?
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