Environmental Management for Sustainable Development module.

Harvard referencing: http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm

Assignment Task
Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Transport System
As an environmental consultant, your role is to provide guidelines and information on issues related to the impact of the current or existing transportation systems of the Greater London region, on the environment, and the local population, in particular.
You are presently advising on the replacement of the current transport system. Analyse and discuss how these impacts can be prevented, if not, minimised. At the same time, discuss the most efficient approach in implementing renewable energy systems such as biofuel production and electricity generation that might be used for a new transport system. The new system should confirm to sustainability in relation to economic, social, and environmental issues. By doing so, you may need to establish a monitoring scheme and an enforcement programme.

Provide a critical analysis related to the present system:
•? Harmful Waste Materials
•? Air Pollution
•?Land Take
Your recommendations for the new sustainable environmentally friendly transport system should be based on evidences presented within the report.
Assessment Criteria
Breakdown of marks for the assessment Total marks available (%)
Application 20
Content, originality 20
Critical Analysis 30
Recommendations 10
Referencing, Bibliography 10
Overall presentation and structure 10
100 (Total)
Your work must be presented in a report format (2,000 words +/- 10%). It is important that your report is properly structured. An executive summary is not necessary in a report of this size.

Your report should include references to the appropriate environmental management for sustainability and development literature (textbooks, journals and websites) as well as appropriate sources related to the oil industry. Care should be taken when consulting websites, they are not all equally authoritative (for example Wikipedia is not peer-reviewed; therefore is not considered an academic reference website). A minimum of 5 different academic references must be cited, but a well-researched report is likely to cite many more.
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the international economic, environmental, legal and social-political issues surrounding environmental management and sustainability development.
2. Critically analyse alternative means available to ensure the sustainable development of transport systems.

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