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The book is the girl named disaster
Independent Reading Analysis Report


Title of Assignment
Relevant picture (centered)
Title of book (underlined)
Author of book
Date Completed book
Your Name
Book Title: Ship Breaker
Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
Reading Completed: January 23, 2012

Ms. Bindert
Class 701

Your School
Your Class

Report Format

Full heading at top of page
Title centered and ITALICIZED
below heading, book title UNDERLINED

Times New Roman font, Size 12
Report should be 2, double-spaced pages.

Ms. Bindert January 23, 201
Class 701 ELA-Reading Analysis Report

Ship Breaker Independent Reading Analysis Report

Report Guidelines

Introduce book you chose (TITLE, AUTHOR, GENRE) and why you chose it.
AVOID “It looked interesting…”

Body Paragraph #1-Plot Summary
Briefly SUMMARIZE (RETELL) what happened in the story, explain enough so that someone who has never read the story can have a good understanding of the plot development (beginning, middle, end).

Body Paragraph #3-Main Events

Explain the main events of the story and how those events IMPACTED the character (how did they affect the character, how did it change them or affect the choices they made).
Explain what you say, use text evidence.

Body Paragraph #4-Text Connections

Explain connections (world, self, text) to the plot/characters/setting/main events.
Explain what you say, use text evidence.

Book recommendation
Final thoughts on the book
AVOID BEING REPETATIVE (do not say what you have already said in the introduction)
AVOID “It looked interesting…”

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