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This explains well why one needs to balance between research findings and one’s interpretation of these. A persuasive essay is a balance between fact and opinion. It cannot be biased, so the writer must strive to interpret as objectively as possible the factual evidence one finds and to also include a counterargument to one’s thesis to establish a balanced and fair perspective. Demonstrating to readers that one has included both sides of the debate, and analyzed the evidence one finds to show how one has pieced together the argument are effective persuasive strategies.



n addition to not using too many direct quotes, one must also analyze the material. For instance, when writing about how a person was singled out for a particular reason and given poor or unfair grades, to only quote the victim specifically, without analysis, would simply be a one sided argument. After quoting the material, you must add your own analysis and the opinions of other commentators or experts. If I were writing a report on a student who was discriminated against due to race, ethnicity, or any other reason, I would have to directly quote the student and their grievance , however, I would also have to back that quote up with facts. Statistics showing the instructors previous dealings with similar students, the students history with claiming discrimination, as well as my own personal explanation of these statistics would ensure that the work was not one sided and had credibility outside of mere opinion.



Using quotes sparingly leaves room for interpretation of one’s evidence. It is important to provide your analysis of the evidence you find in order to persuade the reader that the thesis is valid and to take up the course of action it recommends. Quotes also need to be introduced, and not dropped into the essay.



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