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Diverse Family Types Paper


Please fully read all PowerPoints and materials for this week before completing this assignment. This paper relates to the importance of understanding Family Life Education in context with diverse populations.

Objectives met: Objective 4 – Incorporate the unique perspective and resources the family life educator brings to diverse communities.

Students should reference the following course textbook as well as outside source:

Ballard, S. M. & Taylor, A.C. (2012). Family life education with diverse populations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

After reading the supplemental materials, please include the following headings into your essay the following information:

Family Life Education with Prison Inmate and Their Families
Provide name of specific population for each heading
Family Life Education with Rural Families
Family Life Education with military families
Family Life Education with Grandfamilies: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Under each family type heading, please include into your essay the following information:

Defining the Population: For example, identify this group by demographics. Discuss unique aspects of this family type. What should we know about their strengths and assets? This section should be about one to two (1-2) paragraphs.
Family Life Education Practices: Thoroughly discuss the current state of FLE within these families. Expand upon the general needs of this population and why FLE is needed. This section should be about two to three (2-3) paragraphs.
Best Practices in FLE and Future Directions: What FLE practices work best for this family type? How will those practices change in the future? This section should be about one to two (1-2) paragraphs.
Educator Characteristics and Reflection: Focus on the educator characteristics of each family type. Reflect on your own personality and traits, in what ways would you be qualified to work with this population? How could you improve your skills? Identify what strategies you will utilize to challenge and overcome those biases to allow you to successfully work with those populations that are challenging for you. This section should be about a half (½) a page.
Please include the four level 1 headings in the Diverse Family Types Paper (use the specific name of the family population for each):

Family Type 1
Family Type 2
Family Type 3
Family Type 4
Then include the four level 2 headings under each family type:

Defining the Population
Family Life Education Practices
Best Practices in FLE and Future Directions
Educator Characteristics and Reflection
A rubric is provided
Must be 5 full pages, 50 points possible, the Ballard & Taylor text will be your only required source, additional sources can be used, NO direct quotes
Must use APA 7th Edition formatting

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