Discussion Question 7 – Sweet Studies

The 10 principles of emergency management (described on pages 263–266 of the Canton course text) set the groundwork for a coordinated, multilevel, and collaborative environment for response and recovery. In essence, the principles provide guidance for coordinating response and recovery efforts. Although response and recovery needs differ between various emergency events, the principles serve as a standard framework from which emergency managers coordinate response activities. Emergency managers are adept at ensuring all 10 principles are enforced during response and recovery efforts; however, some argue that certain principles are more essential than others for coordinating an effective response.For this Discussion, review the media and Learning Resources for this week. Review the 10 principles of emergency management. Reflect on how these principles are integrated into the functions of Emergency Operation Centers and multiagency coordination systems. Then select three principles of the 10 that you think are most important for carrying out response and recovery operations and why.Post a brief description of the three principles you selected. Then explain why you believe these three principles are the most important for carrying out response and recovery operations.Be sure to use the Learning Resources and current literature to support your response.Canton, L. G. (2007). Emergency management: Concepts and strategies for effective programs. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.Chapter 9, “Coordinating Disaster” (pp. 261–303) (Review)Huder, R. C. (2012). Disaster operations and decision making. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.Chapter 5, “The Emergency Operations Center” (pp. 79–109)Walsh, D. W., Christen, H. T., Jr., Callsen, C. E., Jr., Miller, G. T., Maniscalco, P. M., Lord, G. C., & Dolan, N. J. (2012). National incident management system: Principles and practice (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.Chapter 9, “Multiagency Coordination Systems” (pp. 85–98)

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