Computers and Robots in Film (Philosophy of Science Fiction Films)

The paper must address a significant question and must analyze multiple films. The paper should include at least two disciplines and perspectives, one of which can be Computer Science. Thus, the paper should also examine the question from an economic, philosophical, psychological, film theory and/or historical perspective. This final course project is meant to be a significant paper and should reflect considerable effort and thought and should be well written and carefully proofread. The paper should include appropriate references and material that is not the author’s should be properly cited, as required by the academic integrity policy. The final paper should also contain an abstract.

1. Watch the movie ?I, Robot? and ?A. I: Artificial Intelligence?.
2. Read the assigned readings or other related sources.
3. ANSWER the following research question (don’t forget to analyze the films and incorporate readings, AND you may also compare with other films like ?Metropolis? or ?2001: A Space Odyssey? etc):

In ?The Passions: Philosophy and the Intelligence of Emotions?, Solomon strongly and repeatedly emphasizes that emotions are not just transient like weather that comes and goes. It encodes our appraisal, evaluation, understanding and insights of our world. Furthermore, just like the emotions of fear warn us about danger, emotions contain intelligence that sometimes cannot be obtained purely by processing information fed into a machine. Information and insights obtained by understanding emotions of our own and of others are important feedback and sources of input for decision making that often are not substitutable with just knowledge and data. Therefore, there is deep intelligence in our emotions. This, when combined with the other readings (?A Long Bet?, ?Machine Consciousness?, ?Who Needs Emotions? The Brain Meets the Robot?), suggest that if machines do not have true emotional capabilities, machines will never reach human intelligence. Argue from psychological and philosophical perspectives whether you agree with this viewpoint or not.

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