Citizen and Public Administrator – Sweet Studies

It is clear that our elected officials and public servants have a duty to serve the public and promote the public good. What seems to be less clear, though, is that we as citizens also have this duty. In consonance with James Madison, Founding Father, and the key author of the U.S. Constitution, the people are the only legitimate fountain of governmental power. If this is true, are “we the people” not obligated to ensure that our policy process remains consistent with the spirit of the Framers?For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on how you can be an agent of social change relative to the public policy process.Post by Day 3 an explanation about how would you assess your role as a citizen and an agent for social change in the policy process given the information covered in this course. As a public administrator, how might the concepts and ideas from this course help you in becoming a more informed and engaged citizen? Note: If you are an international student, how can you be an agent of social change in the policy process of your own nation or country? How will you become a more engaged and informed resident in the United States?

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