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Complete the Work Breakdown Structure, Part 1 assignment. Include the following:

Describe at least 8 major phases with at least 3 tasks under each phase.
Identify all of the work tasks needed to complete the project.
Provide an estimated duration of each task.
Identify all major milestones, such as completing each major phase.

Complete the Work Breakdown Structure, Part 2 assignment. Update your Work Breakdown Structure from Week Three to include the following:

Start and end dates for each task
Recommended resources–such as people, tools, and materials–for each task, including work efforts
Relationship between tasks

Start to start
Start to finish
Explain why they are important.
Explain how they are different.

Estimated costs for each resource
Gantt chart showing project timeline
Project network diagram showing critical path

Review your weekly readings for examples of network diagrams.

Project budget that shows the total cost of the project and of each phase

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
Save your updated Work Breakdown Structure worksheet as a Microsoft® Excel® file.

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