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i do not mean to be rude or anything like that but since this assignment has a recording i need the tutor to be a female and has to be america (only because i need to make the recording seem like its me)
Proposal-Based Presentation
Now that you’ve finished your written proposal, you are ready to create a PowerPoint presentation based on it. This should not be a reproduction of your proposal; rather it is to share information about your proposal with your classmates. In addition to the PowerPoint file being submitted to the drop box, you will use an online e-learning tool to record your presentation.

The purpose of this presentation is to familiarize you with giving an oral presentation. You will not be presenting in front of a live group.
Your PowerPoint presentation will be recorded and published using the online e-learning tool.
A link for the online e-learning tool was sent by email. If you do not have it please contact your instructor.
The login ID is your first name.last name. Use your Rasmussen password.
Once a recording is approved by the instructor, members of the class will be able to view it.

Contact the Personal Support Center if you have any questions or difficulties using the online e-learning tool to record and publish your presentation.
Presentation Guidelines
To create your Proposal Project Presentation, you should not copy and paste large sections of text from your written proposal. A PowerPoint presentation is not the same as a written report. Your slides should include only the main points from your proposal, and these main points should be condensed into short phrases and explanations. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements:
Title SlideYour title slide should include the following:

An appropriate title for your proposal presentation
The name of this course (in place of the name of the company preparing the proposal)
The author’s name
The date of the presentation

Problem Section (2-3 slides)Just as you did in the written proposal, you must prove that a serious problem exists. You may want to answer these questions about your problem:

How long has the problem existed?
Is it worse now? Why?
What are some relevant statistics?
What are other people doing to solve similar problems?

However, please remember that PowerPoint slides should use short phrases and explanations, not complete paragraphs from your written proposal. You may want to include a visual, especially if your problem section discusses relevant statistics. Any visual included in your presentation should follow the guidelines from Week 06.
Audience (1-2 slides)Your slides should explain who the audience of your proposal includes and what their needs are. Tell how you will overcome skepticism. What objections do you anticipate? How will you be sure your proposal is the “winning” proposal for this audience?
Solution Section (2-3 slides)Your slides should briefly outline the change you propose and want approved. Your solution should be directly related to the problem you just documented and be appropriate to the audience you’ve described.
Again, please remember that PowerPoint slides should use short phrases and explanations, not complete paragraphs from your written proposal. You should consider using visuals in this section if you cite numerical data to support your plan.
In the overall format of your PowerPoint slides, please use the following guidelines:

Use an appropriate design template. Assume that your presentation will be given in a “bright” room (with the lights on).
When recording your presentation, please keep in mind that an online e-learning tool does not “record” slide animation.

A Word on Visuals…Make sure your visuals explain, support, or enhance your presentation. Do not use visuals simply as decoration.
this is my rough darft that this power point has to be about and have my points 

Rough draft
•  Purpose
The purpose and goal of this topic of the project is to stop allowing transgender people to use public restrooms,  locker rooms, and dressing rooms for of their [AL1] . This issue is important to me because I have a three-year-old daughter that I don’t want to grow up in the type of lifestyle where it’s acceptable for opposite sex to change in front of each [AL2] . I also don’t want to have to worry about when she gets old enough to uses the public restroom alone.  Nor do I want to feel unsafe while I’m alone in a public [AL3] .
•  Problem
The problem I’m trying to solve is the use of transgender bathrooms locker rooms and dressing rooms in public stores and [AL4] . This can occur in any public restroom locker room and dressing rooms.[AL5]  Transgender restrooms affect anyone, parents, women, men, children, and stores that are allowing transgender people to use the bathroom they want. I would like to eliminate the insecurities that are associated with the uncertainty of who is standing next to you, your wife, your husband, your child. No one should have to be in fear of something as simple as using a restroom or changing room. I don’t believe that all transgenders are the issue. It’s those posing as transgender to gain access to those of the other [AL6] . There have been numerous reported [AL7]  already and with each one pushing many away from those stores that allow the transgender community to roam freely[AL8] . I have a three-year-old daughter and another child on the way. I do not believe in over-sheltering kids, but I’m not willing to trust the safety of my children with the likelihood of someone that could be [AL9]  a man or woman. [AL10]  could know who they are, they could be confused, or they could be there for the wrong intent.  I don’t want my children changing in a locker room with those of the other sex because they shouldn’t have to feel insecure changing along with many other students and parents just for the few who feel [AL11] .  I want to make a change for the better-allowing everyone the privacy they deserve. On top of that where is the line drawn for the age that this is ok. How do you explain to an eight-year-old why it’s ok for his friend to use the opposite gender’s bathroom while that child can’t. How are children supposed to know what is right and wrong this all going to become regarded to as normal? How is a little girl supposed to understand why there is a boy in the same restroom as [AL12] ?
In the bigger picture changing the bathrooms to gender-neutral would only be beneficial to schools if those that want to feel more included and feel they deserve to choose to outweigh the majority that is losing their right to privacy. Otherwise, as a whole, this is going to cause more problems than it will do [AL13] . Whether it is meant to do so or not.
[AL14]  scenario I have discussed with college friends and family that are in college is that putting these gender neutral bathrooms everywhere isn’t just allowing the good honest people in. frequently at these colleges, people are passing out in dorm bathrooms after a night of being [AL15] . Would you rather another female stumble across your family or [AL16] another intoxicated male. The number of woman being sexually violated at schools is too [AL17] . By catering to those that are gender sensitive we are only making a tradeoff. We are making things better for minority and worse for the [AL18] .
•  Solution
There can be many different solutions for this problem. These are the ones I thought would work for all types of people and not offend anyone. One of the solutions for public restrooms is to have gender neutral restrooms with single stalls within the room. which would all have their own toilet, urinal, and sink (Somewhat like a dressing room). [AL19] Also including floor to ceiling dividers. The steps I think we need to take to get us to this solutions is to get everyone on the same page, one way to do this is to start a petition and to get our voice heard.  Stores could Then to start remodeling the public restroom, I think it would be best to start  beginning with the men’s restrooms and make the woman’s a unisex for the time being (because it’s already single stalls and they could extend the dividers temporarily overnight). Then when the men’s restroom is changed into a gender neutral bathroom, they can remodel the women’s. I believe that public restrooms are different than school bathroom because schools they are highly concentrated with minors, so I don’t think it should be allowed in schools at all. But a solution for the transgenders that are minors in school would be to let transgender use the staff restroom, and for them have a scheduled time to use the locker rooms and shower. Some ways to make this happen would also to start a petition get our voice heard, speak in front of the school board about our concerns. Then [AL20]  would just be as simple as letting the kids that need to change or shower for gym out of their class a couple of minutes early and letting them stay a couple of minutes late.
•  Conclusion
That being said I still don’t believe that all this effort is worth the time for a few minority while it’s more damaging to the majority and it only puts the majority at greater risk for more harmful situations to come. I don’t want to see a day that it’s socially acceptable for children to be forced out of their comfort [AL21] , while having to go out of their own way just to get the privacy that everyone deserves.  A time when it is easy for pedophiles to gain access to the opposite sex by portraying themselves however need be[AL22] . Especially when so many sexual assaults get let by with minor charges there won’t be enough to deter them from acting [AL23] .  To avoid all of this we would just need a gender neutral restroom with floor to ceiling dividers with only single person stalls in every public store.

 These are some questions and suggestions my teacher wants me to add in! 
[AL1]Not necessarily of their choice but of the sex they identify with.

 [AL2]I don’t like the idea of children having to change in front of their own sex at school.  There should be private areas for changing, not the open room concept. But what about a child who is transgender? Where will that child change?

 [AL3]What about having family bathrooms available at all stores? 

 [AL4]Repetitive.  How can you change this so it doesn’t say the same thing as the previous paragraph?

 [AL5]Not needed because it is already understood.

 [AL6]Where has this happened? Prove that this is a real issue by showing where this has happened.  Check out recent news lines.  I think something did occur but I can’t remember where.

 [AL7]Good find- this will support your argument but you can’t just say “there are reported cases”  because it doesn’t prove anything.  You need to cite the specific instance and then cite it. 

 [AL8]Transgender are people.  They don’t “roam freely”. 

 [AL9]Not the correct word. 

 [AL10]Who is they? Transgender people or predators?  Clarify?

 [AL11]But if you were the parent of the “few” wouldn’t you want to fight for your kid to be treated the same?  What is a creative solution to this? 

 [AL12] When I travel I often see mothers bringing in their boys to the female bathroom. My girls understand because they boys can’t go into the boys bathroom by themselves.  I think the age limit is 8 in most places.  Why can’t more public places have family bathrooms?

 [AL13]How do we know this?  Find studies that back up your statement.

 [AL15]Cite this.  Good example but you need to prove it but citing it.

 [AL16]Simplify this statement.

 [AL17]This is a strong statement but needs to be cited.  Otherwise, it is a generalization.

 [AL18]This is a blanket statement.  Many of the majority don’t care. How can you re-state this with the same passion but more focused on your point?

 [AL20]What about offering a single stall bathroom/locker room area for these kids?

 [AL21]I get your point but kids are forced out of their comfort zones daily.  What is a better way to get your point across.

 [AL22]Good point but not clear. It is missing a transition word or thought.

 [AL23]Clarify and you haven’t talked about this at all in the paper.  If you don’t talk about charges in the paper then you don’t  talk about it in the conclusion.

Thank you 
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