Applied Sciences homework help

Recently, I built a “floating” bed frame for my room. I watched a quick YouTube video and jotted down the dimensions of the bed, the materials I needed, and a mini blue print for how it was going to end up. My notes allowed for me to get everything I needed in one shot at the hardware store and instead of referring back to the video I could just look at my notes. While assembling, I was able to remind myself how certain things went together by looking at my notes allowing for me to complete the bed frame quickly and in an enjoyable way. 

While looking at the rubric, I found that the 4 points on the project addressing the course outcomes is most important. it allows for me to understand the main points of the projects before doing it. Also, I believe these will be helpful notes when doing the project to keep me on track of the topic. 

Actively listening is something that will be critical while pursuing a business administration degree. It is something that I struggle with and need to work on. I am a visual learner by all means and have trouble actually listening to people when they talk. In the business world, being able to converse and hear others ideas and thoughts is paramount. 

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