Addressing. Social media and. Customer service

Select two companies that have a consistent presence on either Facebook or Twitter as well as customers engaging with them, asking questions, complaining, etc.
Track the types of customer feedback as well as the company’s responses to them for three to four days. In a well-crafted essay between three to four pages in length, respond to the central question, “What should companies do in order to effectively engage their customers on social media?” In so doing, your essay should:
(1) identify the key themes emerging in social media-based customer service and how the companies respond to them, and,
(2) evaluate the appropriateness (and timeliness) of the responses based on the guidelines from your readings for the week to demonstrate your mastery of the concepts.
Strong assignments will:

Conform to the formatting and content appropriate to the particular piece of writing you have chosen.
Demonstrate clear mastery of the process of writing features and/or op-eds.

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