200-250 Words short reading summary

Please analyse the arguments of Friedman (1970) and Handy (2002) and come to class ready to discuss the points they raise:

what is their view on the role/purpose of business?
what are some of their assumptions?
what are their perspectives on corporate social responsibility?

Submit a 250-word (approximately) summary of your answers. Please note that you get 2 marks if you submit, and 0 marks if you don’t submit.
Friedman, M. 1970/2009. The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Profits. In W. Cragg, M. S. Schwartz and D. Weitzner (Eds.), Corporate social responsibility 31-36. Farnham, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate.
Handy, C. 2002. What’s a business for? Harvard Business Review, Vol. 80 (12), pp. 49-55.
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